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Install EverAsk on your home screen to start using the app conveniently and directly in the future.

To install, simply tap and then tap "Go to home screen".

Frequently asked questions

How do I benefit from EverAsk?

EverAsk is a digital application for patients with which you can prepare simply and easily for your next doctor's consultation – whether in the doctor's practice or in the hospital.

How does EverAsk work?

Before your appointment enter your consultation goals and questions in EverAsk. Then EverAsk writes your own cheat sheet, which you can take with you to the doctor’s appointment. In this way no question is left unanswered and you leave the practice or hospital feeling at ease.

How do I start the app?

EverAsk is a Web-based application. If you are on EverAsk, simply configure a new consultation.

Do I have to install anything?

No. Because EverAsk is a website and not a native app, you are simply visiting a website. You download files during the visit, but you do not need to install anything.

However, you can start EverAsk more easily and immediately by downloading the webapp on your device. For more information see article ”Why should I load EverAsk on my home screen?“

Why should I load EverAsk on my home screen?

Installing EverAsk on your home screen will make the app be easier to use and more directly accessible. During installation, EverAsk downloads a launch icon to your device, just like any other app. You can then use this to launch EverAsk directly without needing to use a bookmark or find the website link.

EverAsk only downloads the launch icon to your device. Everything required to operate the application remains on a web server.

How can I continue preparation for a consultation I started earlier?

Preparation for a consultation you started earlier in EverAsk can be interrupted at any time and resumed later at any time. Important in this respect is that you download the Access Key of your consultation and save it in a place where you can easily find it. As a PDF file the Access Key contains your Access Link.

How can I use EverAsk even in a doctor’s consultation?

EverAsk supports you in all three phases of a good doctor-patient consultation: preparation, consultation and follow-up. You can use EverAsk for your consultation with a doctor in two ways:


  • Click on the link to your Access Key.
  • EverAsk then opens your consultation overview.
  • Click on the button Start consultation.
  • EverAsk now offers you a digital assistant for your consultation.
  • There you will find all your questions and you can also note down the doctor’s answers.

As a printout:

  • After you end your preparation load the checklist onto your device.
  • Print it out.
  • Take it with you to the consultation.
  • The checklist contains all your questions and provides fields in which you can note down the doctor’s answers.



What is the Access Key?

Your Access Key is a PDF file that contains the access data (a link) to your consultation entries. You download the Access Key directly to your smartphone or laptop and save it in a place where you can easily find it.

If you open the link in your Access Key, you will always be able to return to your entries at any time from any device.


How do I use a Reminder?

A Reminder is appropriate if you do not want to prepare the doctor's consultation now, but at a later date. A Reminder is a file that is loaded directly to the calendar on your smartphone or laptop. It will remind you to start your preparation in good time.

Where can I find my EverAsk downloads?

EverAsk suggests you download files. These include the checklist (PDF), the Access Key (PDF) and the Reminder (ics file). Where the data is saved depends on the system settings on your smartphone or computer. By default the system saves the data in the “Download” folder. We recommend that you save the files where you can easily find them.

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