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Install EverAsk on your home screen to start using the app conveniently and directly in the future.

To install, simply tap and then tap "Go to home screen".

About EverAskCome well prepared to the next doctor’s consultation – and leave without any question marks

With EverAsk you as a patient have a digital application at your disposal with which you can prepare simply and easily for your next doctor's consultation – whether in the doctor's practice or in the hospital.

While doctors talk to people about their health on a daily basis, such conversations are often an exceptional situation for patients.  Because when it comes to their own health, people are often unsure and weighed down emotionally. This means that important concerns and open questions are often forgotten during doctors’ consultations. As a consequence patients often leave the practice or the hospital feeling uneasy. That does not have to be the case.

EverAsk helps you to include your concerns even in awkward consultation situations, to clarify open questions and to address matters you are unsure about.


To ensure you discuss what is important to you

Before your appointment it is best take enough time in peace and quiet to enter your goals and questions into the application. Then EverAsk writes your own checklist, which you can take to the doctor’s consultation digitally or as a print out.


Strengthen your own self-efficacy

EverAsk does not just help optimise a single consultation. For this reason EverAsk covers both the preparation of a doctor’s appointment as well as conducting and following up on the consultation. Thus, on the one hand EverAsk helps ensures consultations go well (the questions are asked; you can check whether the answers received were understood). And on the other hand EverAsk allows patients to draw their own conclusions from consultations they have had so as to continue to develop their own self-efficacy.


Codesigned with doctors and patients

The idea for EverAsk arose from a patient initiative. Meeting Kitchen, the company that has developed EverAsk, linked the wishes of the users with know-how from the field of negotiation management. EverAsk was tested and further developed in the clinical environment in cooperation with the University Hospital of Basel.



This version of EverAsk is a joint project of KPT health insurance and the company Meeting Kitchen.

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