Install EverAsk on your home screen to start using the app conveniently and directly in the future. > Information

Install EverAsk on your home screen to start using the app conveniently and directly in the future.

To install, simply tap and then tap "Go to home screen".

Getting started

How to prepare a doctor-patient consultation in EverAsk

Begin preparation for the consultation

On the EverAsk starting page click the button “Prepare a new consultation”

Configure your consultation

Do you anticipate an easy or a complex doctor-patient consultation? To prepare for the consultation appropriately, EverAsk will configure a query pattern first.

Download your Access Key

The Access Key allows you to access your entries on EverAsk. You download the Access Key as a pdf file to your smartphone or to your computer. Store the file where you can easily find it again, because it contains a link which brings you to your personal input page.

Begin your preparation

EverAsk leads you through all aspects relevant to the consultation. You define one or more topics and your goals. You make a note of all the information you must give the doctor as well as a list of your questions.

Conduct the consultation

EverAsk has grouped your topics, goals and questions into a checklist. You can either take a printed copy with you to the consultation or a digital copy using your smartphone and your Access Key. Using the Notes function, you can even write down what your doctor said.


Follow-up your consultation

In the follow-up process you will receive analyses of your consultation and can convert questions which were not answered into new tasks. In addition, you have access to valuable hints for a better doctor-patient consultation.

Now you want to get started with EverAsk

Prepare a new doctor’s consultation

Do you have a question?

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